Integrity, Dialogue, Solutions  

Policy solutions through data-based, nonpartisan analysis and direct, inclusive engagement with multi-stakeholders of the government, businesses, and civil society.  

We are a group of academic practitioners and professionals who combine a research-based understanding and internatiopnal expertise with deep knowledge of the Mongolian context to provide training, consulting, and research services.

Our capability
Our research scans global solutions to policy challenges and identifies recognized practice as well as past attempts at solutions.
To us, our research is made more meaningful by focusing on issues that present pressing policy challenges. Beyond making such challenges our focus, we strive to turn our research into recommendations to inform policy, pointing to good practice after describing best practice in an international context. We offer a range of services from research design and data collection, to market and political risk analysis, short- and long-term development interventions, and training in English, German, Japanese, and Mongolian.