Бид хэн бэ?

Судалгаа шинжилгээ, сургалт, төслийн удирдлагын ажлын арвин туршлагатай судлаач, мэргэжилтнүүдийн баг

Dr. Julian Dierkes was trained at Berkeley, Sophia, Tokyo and Princeton University as a sociologist. He currently teaches in the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs at the University of British Columbia as an associate professor and the Keidanren Chair in Japanese Research. At UBC he also serves as associate dean, funding in the Faculty of Graduate + Postdoctoral Studies. Julian is one of the world’s leading voices on contemporary Mongolia, focusing in particular on democratization and mining policy. ​

Julian Dierkes


Dr. Byambajav was trained at Hokkaido University in Japan and worked at University of Queensland and Tohoku University. He has demonstrated expertise in understanding, and addressing, the nexus between environmental, social and business risk in mining and implementing a range of projects in diverse cultural contexts.

Mr. Mandakhbat is a lawyer with deep inter-disciplinary experience in law, government, business and strategy. High integrity and team-oriented leader with law degrees from Australian and Russian Universities. Over ten years of experience delivering real results in fast-paced, high-profile, cutting-edge environments in public and private sectors.

Ms. Enkhmend received her MBA with major professional accounting from Queensland University of Technology in Australia. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has extensive accounting and taxation experience in the international non-government organization, public and private sector of mining area.

Ms. Usukhbayar is a lawyer and social activist. She received Master of Laws from TC Beirne School of Law, the University of Queensland. She is one of Mongolia's leading young professionals advocating disability inclusive development and youth empowerment.

Sainbuyan Munkhbat is a graduate of the Political Science program at the University of Waterloo and worked as a Junior Research Scholar at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's Business Asia team. 

Sainbuyan Munkhbat

Project manager

​Dr Gerelt-Od is one of Mongolia's leading political analysts and voices on political party reforms. He worked for UNDP to manage a project on women's participation in politics and regularly advises international organizations, political parties and non-profit organizations on political education and inclusive development.

Dr Shabbir Ahmad is a research fellow at UQ Business School. His areas of research include efficiency and productivity analysis, environment and sustainability, and financial regulation and governance. He has delivered projects for international agencies on sustainable development and productivity focused on mining, manufacturing and financial sectors

Shabbir Ahmad